Benefits of PCB123
Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy while using PCB123 :

Free design software
+ Free & unlimited customer & technical support
+ Free access to PCB123 online communities & forums
Integrated purchasing fast delivery (real-time pricing as you design)
Easy to learn & use, up to 6 layers
Intuitive manual & automatic routing including inner layers
Comprehensive part libraries

At PCB123, your feedback helps drive new and enhanced features to our software. Based on this feedback, we have added the following features from what our customers are asking for the most:


* Import Net lists from multiple CAD vendors
* 145,000+ parts library
* 2, 4, and 6 layer support
* Fast, accurate DRC/DFM (Design Rule Check/Design for Manufacturing)
* Copper pour with net connectivity
* Order your prototype directly from within the software!


* FREE Schematic and Layout Design Software
* Circuit Boards as Low As $10.00 Per Board
* Next Day Shipment Available for 2 layers
* Three Day Shipment Available for 4 and 6 layers
* The Best Support In The Industry

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