Merlin PCB designer

The Merlin PCB designer package

Probably you are professionally involved with printed circuit manufacturing and you are looking for a cheap, easy to use package to design printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Or maybe you are just making a few PCBs for your job or at home, and even a non-commercial version of a standard PCB layout software would constitute a significant part of your monthly expenses.

In either case, you may have found that PCB design packages tend to be rather expensive and complicated pieces of software. But you already have a nice graphics program, like CorelDRAW, on your computer, and you wonder why you could not use it for designing PCB layouts. In fact, you can. Merlin PCB designer is a shareware solution that offers you the possibility to do just that.

Available on the net is a zip file containing CorelDRAW files (from version 7 on), and a large component library + manual.

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