· 10,000+ built in components
· 1,000+ manufacturer supplied components in Spice subcircuit format
· New models, including nonlinear coils, transformers, relays, · Darlington transistors, optocouplers, voltage regulators, fuses, comparators, CMOS Logic ICs, bus components, and much more
· Enhanced algorithms – now Spice 3F5 compatible.
· Fast 32 bit version for Windows 95/98 and NT
· HTML-based component help
· Subcircuits, which may include both Spice macros and schematics
· Automatic shape creation for subcircuits
· Schematic Symbol Editor for creating custom subcircuit components
· Component Toolbar Editor for adding your own components to TINA’s component toolbar. Now you can create new component groups and buttons and place them anywhere on the component toolbar.

Examples to use with Demo :

| 555Timer | Ohm’s Law | Oscillator Circuit | Triac | Zener |

Shift + Click to save the files.

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