Electronics, Mechanics and Computing

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If you’re looking for an easy and enjoyable way to learn electronics or just want to keep up-to-date, then this is the package for you! Also a valuable interactive reference tool for hobbyists and engineers, containing more than a thousand electronics, electrical, mechanics, maths, computer science and PIC microcontroller topics. This highly acclaimed electronics software can also be found in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities to support GCSE, A-Level, City and Guilds, BTEC Nationals and many other courses up to degree level by students all over the world, yet still remains extremely easy to use.

The range of topics is vast, just Click Electronics Contents for a full listing of over a thousand. Plus there is the Electronics Toolbox and Self Assessment Questions as two additional main features in this package. EPV8.1 also contains most of the content from the other GCSE Maths and Mathematics and Computer Science packages. Including the Equation and Graph editors.

Electronics, Mechanics and Computing V8.1 has become the educational standard package to use when teaching electronics. Most subject areas are covered and we are continually adding new topics and features which are made available as FREE downloadable updates.

Still trying to get the hang of PIC micro controllers? This software ALSO contains an enormous amount of help to get you started, explaining how the PIC microcontroller works, where all the instructions can be interactively explored. Listed on the Microchip web site as a training tool for use in conjunction with their LATEST FREE downloadable MPLAB IDE programmer and simulator. Simply run the two packages together and you have all you need to begin programming.

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